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Is the LIT Box the best option I have for a media tv box?

I wanna buy a media tv box and I was told by Telkom that their LIT Box is the best on the market. I wanna be well informed in terms of interface, does it have Netflix and ShowMax and how is the picture quality when streaming on 4Mbps speed
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Re: Is the LIT Box the best option I have for a media tv box?

Streaming will have a slight buffer from time to time with the 4mbps line. For buffer free HD streaming Netflix recommends a 10mbps line.
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Re: Is the LIT Box the best option I have for a media tv box?

Hi, I have recently received a LIT Box and have been using and Apple TV Gen 4 before.  The LIT Box is a great little device, but the Apple TV is substantially better, in my opinion (it is also substancially more expensive, unfortunately).


For the LIT Box is the following:

Intuitive Android OS

Menu feels quite responsive

Fair amount of apps available

Chromecast support

Dedicated volume control on remote


Against the LIT Box (as compared to the ATV):

IR Remote line of sight needed to device

Netflix app incompatible

"Typing" login and password data with remote is a huge pain

Ridiculously short HDMI cable included in box (nitpicking?)


The only feature where the LIT Box seems to beat the ATV at this stage is the availability of the DSTV Now app on this platform.  That being said, I am happily replacing my Chromecast device with the LIT Box...

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Re: Is the LIT Box the best option I have for a media tv box?

I already bought the LIT Box. I'm totally in love with it. I bought the LIT Box particularly for Netflix. It's unfortunate that Netflix isn't supported. I had to side load it. I love the chromecast feature as well. Last but not least, the size of the LIT Box it self. I'm definitely ditching DStv as from next year and I'll have to get someone who will give me their log in details for DStv Now. It was through the LIT Box I found out that You Tube is actually nice, you can even use it as a channel. I'm on uncapped 4Mbps. All the programs I view are always on HD format, depending if the Wifi isn't congested by a lot of users

I know that a lot of people will say the LIT Box has a lot of flaws, well it ain't the only one that has flaws. But with that being said, I recommend it
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