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Lied to again and again

what the heck is with this email you get my live chat 


We are sorry for the inconvience, your issue has been escalated and our team will provide feedback.What bs they copy and paste at the tech deparment they cant even answer a IT question .i am a IT techican so i know alot of computers internet and adsl lines so when i ask a lady at telkom a simple question about there internet they could not answer me they said we are sorry for the inv that all i wanted to kill someone i was so mad how does telkom employ people you dont know anything about computers there are millions of people without jobs more qualified than thoes idiots .


She didnt not know how much FUP i need to use beofre i get trottled what the hell if it not on the page and cant copy and paste they dont know how to answer .demand to speak to someone like a manager or keep calling them every min to get a update on live chat it free and it wont cost you but it will annoy them and they will start doing there work.Damm i wish i worked at telkom at paid for sitting around the whole day.


telkom your guys are mis adveristing please stop and stop lieing to us because people are not fools and we not what to do



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