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Line suspended without reason

Telkom line suspended for no reason

A review of Telkom by Haydene T on 30 Jun 2018





Telkom line suspended for no reason

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My line is suspended for no reason. I phoned this morning to enquire why my internet is down. The first lady said the number provided belongs to someone else so I said no incorrect I've been using the number for 2 years. Then I got transferred to someone else and she said the line was suspended but it's not supposed to be suspended because my account is not arrears and my next payment is only in two weeks time. She said this 5 times and she doesn't know why they suspended it. Then she said she will send an confirmation letter to the reconnecting department so theu can check the payment account and reconnect. So I said there's nothing to check because you just said I'm not in arrears and there was no reason to suspend my line. Then I got transferred to the IT department where they said they can't do anything until billing department says they should lift the suspension. So the lady I just spoke to was supposed to lift the suspension but instead she transferred me ! Whyyyy! The IT guy said it will take 2 days ro reconnect which is unacceptable because I was wrongly suspended ! I need my line fixed today ! Right now ! Please fix it Telkom, I've been with you for 2 years and I've never had a problem with you, always recommend you to my friends bragging about how I've never had a problem ! So why nou? Why suspend me without reason????????
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Re: Line suspended without reason

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Heydene, sorry to hear about your problem with Telkom.


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Re: Line suspended without reason

Haydene, sorry to hear about your problems.

This is the latest ploy by Telkom to force one to switch over from ADSL or any other connection to their fibre option.

If you have received a call from anyone at Telkom (012 468 8888  normally) and they offered to switch you over and you were hesitent to do so, this is their way of frustrating one into doing what they have asked you to do. 

There are some problems related to this method of theirs as well. They will delete your online....@ account and tell you that you need to restart your router with your Telkom email account and a new password created by them. If they are fedup with you they will also recreate your email account and by doing so, delete all your emails and contacts that are stored on their server. Please ensure that you back all of this up as soon as possible to prevent you from having to start all over, as I had to do, when all of this happen.

It has nothing to do with your account whatsoever, mine gets deducted by debit order, but by them sabotaging you to force you to make a decission regarding the changeover. 

Goodluck to all of you out there that is subjected to the terorrist behaviour by Telkom. 

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