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My Telkom Email address

Hi. I have a new contract with telkom and it includes an email address ..
I have activated it with a telkom technical support (10210)
How do I log into it on do messaging?
I put in the email address and the password which came as one message when they came to install the line ..
It says wrong password or email address..

How do i solve it .. Do i have to additionally register it or what ?
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Re: My Telkom Email address

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Hi @sumayya and Welcome the Telkom Community forum Man Very Happy ,


You can check the status of your mailbox being active by logging in using your Telkom Internet ISP account details using the telkom service management tool .


Once successfully logged in, you can click on mailbox activator and check to see if the status says mailbox active.


Edit: Almost forgot, once you see it active, you can check your mail here.


If you don't come right, reply here and one of us members will assist further. :-)




Edit: Sorry @Mandy3 - wrong thread tag :-P . Thanks @peboulou for the notification ;-)

Hit that Thumbs Up/Kudos button if I or another member in the community has helped you. It can only inspire us to do better in helping everyone like yourself. Thank You! ❤
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Re: My Telkom Email address

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Sorry wrong thread


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Re: My Telkom Email address

How do I reset the password for my TelkomSA.net email address? I don't see the option on Webmail.

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Re: My Telkom Email address

@OpenHorizons, visit the Password Management Tool at  https://online.telkomsa.net/pmt/ and log in with your Telkom ISP username and Password

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Re: My Telkom Email address



I have recieved my email adress and password. Once i setup the account in Outlook, I am able to sent mail but are not able to recieve mails. I have entered pop3.telkomsa.net for the incoming mail server, no success.


Now I try to access the do messaging platform, with the given mail & password and it keeps saying I have the wrong logon credetials

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Re: My Telkom Email address

thanks telkom for wasting months of my life.I keep phoning everyday and get send from pillar to post I have been without a LTE line since Dec and last year August the cables was stolen in Eldorado Park where I live.Yet we paid for the months that the lines was disconnected and we have to Mobile Huawei devices which we still paying and all I do is phone everyday.I want my refund for all the other months last year that I did not have a line this is the numbers 0814947329 0815311911 0814444538 thanks to all the pathetic services and wasting my time hanging on the phone and nothing gets sorted
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Re: pathetic services

my problems are not getting resolved and I will not stop emailing untill someone helps me with my problem this is the worst service ever and I'm sick and tired all I did is phjone everyday and my query get escalated with no help. the cables in eldorado park was stolen last year and we paid for services we did not have and now since 5 months I have no LTE services and the voice line is not working no tech came out noboby is responding i want my problem resolved 




sort out my line and refund me for the money I paid last year when I had no internet and telephone line

if calls are recordered check all my calls to the pathetic service I have been receiving oh no I have not received any services 

and besides I took out a R220 LTE and R200 voice line I want answers with a plan of action as what are you going to do to resolve my problems


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