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My Telkom Email address

Hi. I have a new contract with telkom and it includes an email address ..
I have activated it with a telkom technical support (10210)
How do I log into it on do messaging?
I put in the email address and the password which came as one message when they came to install the line ..
It says wrong password or email address..

How do i solve it .. Do i have to additionally register it or what ?
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Re: My Telkom Email address

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Hi @sumayya and Welcome the Telkom Community forum Man Very Happy ,


You can check the status of your mailbox being active by logging in using your Telkom Internet ISP account details using the telkom service management tool .


Once successfully logged in, you can click on mailbox activator and check to see if the status says mailbox active.


Edit: Almost forgot, once you see it active, you can check your mail here.


If you don't come right, reply here and one of us members will assist further. :-)




Edit: Sorry @Mandy3 - wrong thread tag :-P . Thanks @peboulou for the notification ;-)

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Re: My Telkom Email address

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Sorry wrong thread


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Re: My Telkom Email address

How do I reset the password for my TelkomSA.net email address? I don't see the option on Webmail.

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Re: My Telkom Email address

@OpenHorizons, visit the Password Management Tool at  https://online.telkomsa.net/pmt/ and log in with your Telkom ISP username and Password

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Re: My Telkom Email address



I have recieved my email adress and password. Once i setup the account in Outlook, I am able to sent mail but are not able to recieve mails. I have entered pop3.telkomsa.net for the incoming mail server, no success.


Now I try to access the do messaging platform, with the given mail & password and it keeps saying I have the wrong logon credetials

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