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I have reported an unstable ADSL on the 21 November 2015. After 4 technicians I now ( 8 January 2016) have no ADSL and no telephone. According to the techs they have "lost my line" After numerous requests to telkom it is clear that there is no one willing to assist me. Fault 254CTK211115. Anybody to assist me?


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Hi @Hennie1954 Your query is service related so you need to contact one of our Service Channels to query a fault.


We have a few options - How To get Help

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Hi Hennie


I am in the same boat, no service, line is down and Telkom do not seem interested in fixing.  It is really frustrating.  I thought I would join the community to see of there are some help here.  I have logged the fault, escalated it, went to the Telkom shop, a complete waste of time.  Whish there were another fixed line operater willing to give service.  And if Telkom reads this,  I have persuit the other options to resolve the matter without success, if you want to make a success of Telkom start by fixing the faults!

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