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NETFLIX streaming quality

I have a 4K TV and Telkom 'uncapped' 10mb fiber line with a Telkom LIT Box - 

We stream NETFLIX daily and the realization was hit when FUP kicked in - 'So much for uncapped'


NETFLIX 'auto' adjusts the resolution to BEST quality and strives to use most or all of the line.

This, unfortunately, eats into your usage and you are then subjected to FUP conditions. Bummer....


Netflix is streamed via Telkom LIT Box, and having searched the net on how to reduce the quality, many solutions were provided.

However, these were for real NETFLIX boxes or mobile devices and none for custom Boxes, per say.


NETFLIX app on Telkom LIT Box, does not have an option to change resolution or quality!!!!

Hence, max resolution is used.


Maybe, I dont see it, but how can one limit the resolution for NETFLIX, specifically, on the LIT Box not affecting other apps?

There is NO setting on the NETFLIX app on the LIT Box!!!

Has this feature been removed by Telkom?

I would like to run in 720p rather than 1080p/4k. This way it would take longer to reach FUP rules and I still have fairly good viewing quality.


Your assistance/solutions/comments welcomed.


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Re: NETFLIX streaming quality

Do you still need assistance with this? Dont mean to necro the thread.
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