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Night surfer data dilema

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Currently it's about 01:30 in de morning and I was updatidng my phone thinking I am using my "night  surfer data" but to my dismay telkom my using my "day data" . What's de point of having "night surfer" data if dey do not kick in automatically at 00:00 unless telkom is using a different time zone and South African times and if that is de case Telkom must let us know. Bad customer service. Please fix this  mess Telkom, not a very happy customer at de moment.

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Re: Night surfer data dilema

That's not even the worst, so I bought the 500gb night data plan and it is here and all but now Telkom has speeds of 20kb/s on LTE. This has been going on since I ported and I really really want help, because it's not just st like that with my night data.

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Re: Night surfer data dilema

So i'm so angry and disappointed, my night surf data speed used to be about 15mb/s to 20mb/s+ when downloading but ever since the holidays started until now its 176kb/s. Even to my all net data is the same thing. Telkom is exploiting us
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