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No data after porting

Hello. I don't know if there's a topic on the same matter already posted but my problem is the following:


I did a number porting before May 2018 and the person in the shop told me that in order for the porting to go through they have to temporarily change my number (as I did a porting before that somewhere in March or so...I can't remember) for the porting to go through. It took some time but eventually I went back to the shop where I got assisted by someone else. The porting went through within 24hours but ever since I requested the porting and my number changed temporarily I had difficulty with my data. I have enough data on my number left but I cannot use whatsapp or any social media or connect to the internet. I can only send SMS and make and receive phone calls. Been in touch with telkom yet again and they referred the issue to their IT department. No feedback yet as I missed a call from them and I phoned 081180 with the case number as referral and now they have to send another email to IT to get back to me. 


Anyone else that have the same problem or had the same problem but got resolved...please reply because it's been a month now and I cannot use my data but I've been using 600mb so far....how I don't know. My APN settings is all set and in order and it have been tested with another telkom sim and it connected to social media from my phone.

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