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No help with bill

We have the wifi line since Jan 2018 and its almost 8 months later and I have still dificulty gettig a bill for telkom. How am I suppose to pay the bill it I never receive one! I have done everything possible to get hold of telkom; downloaded the app( which by the way ALWAYS have trouble 'retrieving my details'), I have called numerise times the call centre, account department, went into the shop. O logged a dispute, which takes forever!!!!!! Bad....no worst service ever!
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Re: No help with bill

Hi @Rosa1


We’re customers in the forum,  so frustrating not getting feedback but sorry only a Telkom support channel can attend service issues.


Telkom system was down yesterday but is  restored. 


Your username /password may have changed on activation of your adsl, so maybe confirm that first with 10210 (early 8 am best) and ask to be billed at your email address - then if still no joy then post a detailed message to a media support team for good feedback and results.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps.

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