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No response from Telkom Billing

I actually don't know if I am positng on the correct section of the Telkom forum, but there is no other section that seems to be relevant to my issue.


Telkom has successfully redefined raving insanity.


I have some standalone email boxes with (I have no line connected to them, and they are not linked to any telkom line).


Just over two weeks ago Telkom suspended the email boxes because they had not been paid for quite a while (they were supposed ot have been paid by a third party who had not made the payments - not actually Tekom's problem).


However, when I went to contact Telkom to find out what the procedure was to sort this out, I evetually discovered, after about two days of telephoning, and a vist to our local Tekom store, that there was an email address that I had to write to (, so I wrote to this email address, and was sent an invoice which I immediatley paid.  Apparently this is an "internet only" account, and the "normal" billing department does not handle enquiries related to internet only accounts.


I duly sent details fo the payment back to this email address, and have had a reply which tells me -  incredibly enough - that I now have to contact the billing department, and they gave me a number - 10212 - which does not exist.


I have now tried telephoning 10210 who, inevitably, have told me that they are unable to assist, as they cannot trace the account, and they have no record of any sort.  I have now been on the telephone for nearly two hours, being pushed around from one person and department to the next, with everyone telling me that I an either through to the wrong department, or that they cannot trace the account.  This is in spite of the fact that I am receiving accounts from Telkom, with an account number.


Is there anyone who knows what person or departmernt I shoudl be contacting in order to resolve this, and get my email boxes reactivated?


If hell exists, then it has to be Telkom.


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