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Not Registered on network - Vodacom (roaming)

**********       I cannot switch my phone's network to Vodacom       **********


I sometimes have very poor signal with my Telkom SIM. Until last month I was able to go into my phone Network settings, select Carrier, search for MTN, and then switch to MTN to roam on their network. There used to be a Telkom-Mtn Roaming Deal which allowed Telkom subscribers to use MTN's network, but I suspect this deal has now ended and I can no longer roam on MTN.


Since the Telkom-Vodacom Roaming Deal activated (2019-July?) I am unable to switch to any network (apart from telkom).


I phoned the Telkom Mobile Call Centre (081 180) and they gave these suggestions:


  • Use the TelkomSA Menu app:
    On your phone menu in the list of apps open an app called 'TelkomSA Menu', click 'International Roaming', then select 'Via Telkom'  - if the app responds with "The handset is already using the selected mode" then you must click 'Via Partners' and restart the phone. This will tell the device to automatically use a partner network (Vodacom) as the preferred network. This does set Vodacom as the primary network, after the restart my phone shows 'Vodacom SA' in the network bar, however it also shows an error "No Service. Selected network (Vodacom SA 4G) unavailable".

  • Try doing a Manual search:
    The call centre also suggested that I could switch to vodacom manually by going into my phone's Network settings, choose Carrier, search for Vodacom, then select 'Vodacom SA 3G' or 'Vodacom SA 4G'. I tried this, and initially both the Vodacom 3G and 4G networks were greyed out (disabled) so it failed when I tried to select it. Eventually I was able to click on Vodacom SA 4G (I think it worked only after I did the Via Partners step above. But even though I am now able to manually select the vodacom network, I am still getting the same error: "No Service. Selected network (Vodacom SA 4G) unavailable".

  • Try new SIM settings:
    The call centre also suggested that they could resend the SIM settings to my phone (this is the configuration sms that you have to receive at least once so that your device has the correct network setup). They resent it and I accepted the settings, but this did not work either. I am still getting the same error: "No Service. Selected network (Vodacom SA 4G) unavailable".


I know for certain that this is not an issue with my device (with this same handset I have successfully used local roaming with MTN and international roaming many times before). The issue is not with my device or setup, but for interest sake I am using a Huawei P10 (lite).


I know for certain that I am not outside the Vodacom coverage area (I am in the city centre).


Is there something wrong with the roaming deal or with the network routing between @VodacomSA and@Telkom ??





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Re: Not Registered on network - Vodacom (roaming)

I am having the same issue. It's so frustrating. Seems Telkom brokered a new deal without fully assessing the problems that may arise from it.
Now we, the customer, suffer.

No matter what I do, I cannot get decent reception from the Vodacom network. The best I get is EDGE and that is frankly pathetic.
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Re: Not Registered on network - Vodacom (roaming)

Same issue here. I am on the Free me Family unlimited plan win 10 sim cards in different devices all the same problem.
here is how it is superpose to work. https://techcentral.co.za/telkom-roaming-gets-a-big-shake-up-this-is-how-it-works/90693/

But I do not see a TelkomSA-R network in my list. I do see the 65505 3G an 4G network witch I read somewhere else is the code for
the TelkomSA-R network and although it seems to be able to connect to it does not register on either of them.
I logged complaint but still waiting for Telkom to come back to me.

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Re: Not Registered on network - Vodacom (roaming)

@Lours thanks for the link to the article on techcentral.

So according to the article it sounds like telkom now forces their clients to only use the telkom network UNLESS there is no telkom coverage, then you will be automatically switched to the Vodacom network.

I'm very disappointed because I find that I usually have some telkom signal but it is usually slow, so I would much prefer to be able to decide when I want to use Vodacom
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