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One Time Pin

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If you want to login to the telkom online platform and you forgot your password, you have to get a one time pin sent to your email address. This takes about 20minutes for Telkom to send, and by that time, it has expired and doesnt work anymore.


This shows you what an amateur operation Telkom is. It's an absolute joke. Sipho Maseko and Jabu Mabuza have failed at turning this pathetic company around.


What's worse is that when you try to phone to get this resolved, you get placed on hold for 20 minutes each time and when you eventually get through to someone, they just tell you that you've selected the wrong menu option and they cant help you. They tell you what menu option to choose, then when you do that, after holding for 20 minutes, you get another person who tells you exactly the same thing and then also instructs you to choose a different menu option. This process repeats itself until your head explodes.

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