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Online Order

Telkoms customer service is absolutely pathetic. I placed an online order a few weeks ago. Never got confirmation that my order was approved no communication whatsoever now they''ve debited my account. No order no call centre cannot help. I mean really.....it's the age of customer service and yet telkom seems to think that they can get away with piss poor service like this. Unbelievable. Will never use or recommend telkom to anyone. Going to reverse my debit order and take my business elsewhere. I'm not waiting another week for my device to be delivered. Atrocious telkom...and from what I'm reading on this forum I'm not the only one this has happened to and I definitely won't be the last. Disgusting
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Re: Online Order

I am in the same boatSmiley Happy 


Placed a order online 3 Feb and money was deducted on 13 FebSmiley Happy 


This was what happened after lady called me back from Telkom.


1. I was pre-approved and the approved over phone.

2. Got NO emails/smse welcoming me with order number

3. Got a smse to say that debit order will be deducted and I must make sure there is money

4. Debit order went off on 13 Feb.

5. Numerous calls and emails and now community and I can get NO help whatsoeverSmiley Happy

6. Funny thing is that they cant suplly me with a order numberSmiley Happy They can see that I have ordered and even paid and they agree that it is a serious issue, but they cant help meSmiley Happy

7. R300 later in Cellc Airtime

8. I am tired now - its late on Friday


Have a nice weekend all

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Re: Online Order

i have also ordered a phone last more than a week agao. my account was debited on Wednesday last week.


there after i havent head anything from them till today.


pathetic service indeedMan Frustrated

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Re: Online Order

[ Edited ]

Can somebody please tell me how long it takes for Telkom to deliver a new device?



This is getting rediculous. If you are SA's best data provider, start proving it. 


Vodacom may be expensive, but they deliver!!! 

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