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ATTENTION: Customer Service Manager, Call Centre Manager, Credit Department, Anyone who has influence at Telkom


So here's my story in the hope that some action may come from date I have had nothing but empty promises.


My Telkom account went into arrears when I was unemployed for about 18 months & it was handed over for collection. After months of harrasment I eventually was able to pay the full outstanding amount in May of 2019. This was the case with 3 other institutions.

I then requested paid up letters from all 4 companies on the same date & received 3/4 within 9 working days.

To my surprise, the one I was really after the most took a little longer than expected.

In August 2019 I contacted the call centre to request the letter again. I was assured that it would be sent & would have to wait 14 working days to receive it.

September arrives & no letter. I contact the call centre again only to find out that it had never been requested in the first place. What choice do I have but to wait another 14 days. After a few more calls November arrives & still no letter - I call again & Courtney Louw assures me that she has now escalated the matter & I will definitely receive it in the next 14 days. I, nor the staff, have not heard of or know a Courtney Louw who's email adress simply does not get responded to since then.

Dikeledi Nodali is the next lucky agent to assist me & after a long silent pause she confirms that she had ran up 2 floors to the Credit Dept. to request my letter urgently. She also asks me to send an email explaining the situation to use the information to escalate the matter, which I promtly do, explaining that I need my name to be cleared at ITC by end of January when my rental agreement ends so I can sign a new contract with my landlord. Sapolwami Calvin Masango received the escalation & I was asked to give him 48 hours to sort out the problem.

I follow up 5 days later via email - Dikeledi Nodali's mailbox is full! I do get a response from Calvin that the department who is responsible for issueing the letter is on leave. He assures me that he has 'escalated' the matter once again. By now I am worried that I won't have enough time to get the info to ICT before the end of Jan.

2 more follow up emails from me on 10 & 13 December is met with dead air - no response whatsoever.

Numerous calls in January & no luck. Fast forward to Monday 10 Feb when I speak to Rosswell Cele who gives me the same story but is confused as to why I should wait 14 days - it should only be 7 days. He assures me that he will escalate the matter & sends me a copy of the email...not the original with the Team Leader's name.


I ask you with tears in my eyes...WHAT MORE MUST I DO TO GET A SIMPLE LETTER STATING THAT I DO NOT OWE YOU ANY MONEY ANYMORE? I was harrassed by collection agents for more than a year & now htat you have your money, it seems you simply do not care as there is nothing for you to be gained from this.

But it has negatively impacted my life to the extent that I may have to sleep in my car from the beginning of landlord has been patient enough but without a signed contract where my credit record cleared, his investors simply cannot allow for the risk, even though I can afford the rent comfortably.

Appealing to your empathy is probably a useless exercise but I am down to that as my 3rd last option...2nd last would be threatening violence & last would be to grab all my posessions & physically move my family into the Telkom offices. Makes sense to me as you are responsible for this.


Let's see if someone who actually can do their job will read through all this & do something about it. 



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Here's an update on this saga...


I visited the Cpt Head Office on Saturday 15 Feb to confront the persons who are holding up the process & I was told that they were unable to access the templates required to give me a letter there & then. I was, however, given a screen-shot of the current statemnt showing that no money was owed to them with a store stamp...nobody was prepared to sign the document & the mystery manager in the back office was too busy or important to speak to me face to face. We are drawing nearer to those last 3 options being implimented....

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After no resolution or contact from anyone at Telkom to date & reading through some of the complaints online I have now lodged a complaint with ICASA. Let's see if they take this matter seriously now. I will keep this post updated.

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This will (thankfully) be my last update of this post.


I am happy to report that I have received my paid up letter!!!

It took all of 4 working days to receive after lodging the complaint at ICASA.

I received confirmation from ICASA via email that the complaint was lodged with Telkom on Thursday 20 Feb.

I received a  call from Telkom's Credit Management Dept today (25 Feb) at around 9am to confirm that they had received the complaint & would have the letter to me by the end of this week (28 Feb). I get another call at 9:54am today to inform me that the letter has been sent - confirmed that I received it at 9:35am via email.


Here is my recommendation to you all...If you have a problem with your Telkom it to ICASA & it will get sorted out in record time. They are bound by ICASA's authority to remedy any issues & they have 14 days to comply. It has worked for me & must work for you too. I would first visit ICASA website to confirm that the complaint is directed at the correct authority first & they are very helpful in guiding you.

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Good day Greg,


I have a similar problem as yours. I have an old account with Telkom which I would like to settle in full but now Telkom is taking me from pillar to post regarding the banking details to do the payment. One of the consultants gave me an email address ( and my email message didn't go through.  

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