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Pathetic, useless, Lying thieves!!!!

Hi All,


Im writing here today to let everyone know how pathetic Telkom's services are.

I signed my contract on the 20th of January 2018. The contract advertised 1 gb data per month plus an additional 10 gb per month

for the first 3 months. This seemed like a good deal as you would recieve additional data in the begining so can sort your new phone out

by downloading all your apps, games etc and set your phone up for future use. Anyway the day i signed up i imediatley noticed that i didnt get my 10gb data. The next day i went back to the store to report this, i was told that they need to log a case as this the usual story with telkom. (funny he didnt tell me that when i was taking the contract).

Anyway it is now the 12th of feb 2018 and this issue is NOT yet resolved. Numerous phone calls to the customer care center is getting me absolutely nowehere. Nobody seems to know whats going on, you can never get through to the manager as they are always on another call. im always being told that the manager will call me back. To date no one ever bothered to call me back. Im always calling them only to hit the same dead end every time.

Further to this, a few days after taking the contract i had a call from a telkom call center offering a wifi router for R99 p/m which gives you 5gb per month plus an extra 100gb once off valid for 12 months. I am kicking myself for accepting that deal with telkom because guess what - NO 100GB EITHER!!. The lady in the call center now says that it is not part of the deal. This all seems like one big scam. Telkom lures you by offering these benefits and then once you sign up, YOU DONT GET IT!!!!!. This is the only conclusion for me as i still didnt get anything. They tell you that it takes 72 working hours to sort out when you log a case. WELL i logged the case on the 21st of Jan, today is the 12th of Feb. how many working hours is that. TELKOM IS TOTALLY HOPELESS AND A BAD DECISION TO JOIN THEM!!!!!!!

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Re: Pathetic, useless, Lying thieves!!!!

As the paying customer base is unimportant to these idiots = maybe we should boycott them and refuse to pay any more  for their services. If this is done on a big enough scale there wount be funds to pay huge executive salaries and no money to give to the front;ine troops who lie with impunity. Telkom is simply a branch of the Absolutey No Consequences party that think they can rule with impunity. When the comms service collapses and the cost of the sponsored cell phones that all the 'upper echelon' carry become too expensive to pay for - and there are no call centres to shout at - Service might just get some meaning - but I m not holding my breath!!!!

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Re: Pathetic, useless, Lying thieves!!!!

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Yes I agree they are a bunch of Thieves....Lets Name and Shame them on all social media platforms. 

Am stopping my payments and let them come sue me...


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