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R700 for what?

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I have just finished studying and decided to setup an adsl line. 

My credit score is obviously pitiful  and so telkom wants a R700 deposit to ensure that I can pay. No problems there.

The problem is that this R700 is used for nothing. It does not get used towards installation fee or monthly line rental. It sits around in telkom's account doing nothing.

I have been told i will get it back when i cancel my service. That will be a real help in 20 years time when I need that money now in 2015.

I need answers or failing that , I need my money to work for me.

What do you have to say community?


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Re: R700 for what?

@Chappiez "growing up pains"? LOL


I am not sure how this works. Pay your bills faithfully for 1 year then ask for your deposit back? Ask Telkom on Facebook or Twitter:



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