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Router connected to Telkom but err_connection_reset when connecting

Can someone please help?

Three week ago my internet suddenly stopped working with a message “err_connection_reset.

I phoned 10210 and from here onwards we tried all possible solutions suggested by the call centre staff. These included, resetting, remote configurations by Telkom staff, resetting password etc. All this was probably done 5 times during the last three weeks. I even replaced the router.


I eventually employed an IT specialist and all he could find is that when we use his user name and password everything works fine but with my user name – no luck. I am on uncapped and Telkom confirmed there is nothing wrong with my account or usage.

Every time I phone 10210 the staff confirms that my connection is reflected on their side but I am unable to connect. Router shows green = connected.


I will appreciate any suggestions to deal with the matter.

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Re: Router connected to Telkom but err_connection_reset when connecting

Hi @PeetMarais


Welcome to the forum. We’re customers & unfortunately can’t help much with service enquiries. I know very little about technical stuff but we had connection issues last year so hope I can help a bit. 


if your IT specialist tested that your home network devices successfully connected to internet via his Telkom username & password and you’re not switching between two ISPs,  then the connection issues might be triggered by a recent username / password change - possibly after an upgrade or contract change in Telkom system (could still be in process between their depts). 


We had similar frustration last year - it’s a pain but persistence does work eventually. Try calling 10210 again (early 8 am best) with your TIN number.  Ask them to confirm your current user name & password and check your router settings again -  just  in case you’re connecting the new router on a temporary ‘ guest’ network ( possibly set with restrictions).


Have also seen  err_connection_reset issues with settings on Microsoft OS and / or Google Chrome reported around the net , so this link to might be useful : 



Or if you haven’t already done so , try Telkom self diagnosis guide : -http://www.telkom.co.za/about_us/download/Telkom-Self-Diagnosis.pdf


If none of this works you might have to report a fault online for a technician to visit & check your home network :-  https://apps.telkom.co.za/assurance/public/logafault 


Hope this helps, good luck - please let us know what happens. 

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Re: Router connected to Telkom but err_connection_reset when connecting

Thanks Kathy – I appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Good news - On Sunday evening my internet connection was suddenly restored. I made no adjustments to anything on either my computer or router. Telkom must have done something on their side to rectify the problem. I wish I knew what they did in case I require the solution at some future date.

Thanks again


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Re: Router connected to Telkom but err_connection_reset when connecting

Hi Peet @PeetMarais


Great when that happens !   😀

You're welcome ,  thanks for update.


Guessing the error may have been corrected by background windows or Chrome updates , or restarting your computer over weekend,  or as you say, perhaps Telkom reset something at the exchange . Hope all good going forward. 




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