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Routing Issues



I have an LTE router at home in Benoni and a LTE router in the office in Pretoria. I have an issue where I can no longer ping or see the IP address of the router in Pretoria from home in Benoni. I have reset the router in Pretoria to get a new IP address but still can not ping the new address in Pretoria from the Benoni. I went to a Friends hous that also have a Telkom LTE also in the East Rand area and have the same problem from there. Both the routers are on Telkom LTE. When I use any other network IE MTN or Vodacom it works fine I can ping the Pretoria address. 


I spoke to Telkom help desk to have a look but was meet with a blank stair so any ideas?



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Re: Routing Issues

I may have a similar problem at home. Telkom blocks email using the SMTP server at Iafrica/Mweb on their network, but the same email setup on my cell works fine using ADSL & MWEB and the phone GSM data link ( FNB/Vodacom) 


I hope someone will tell me what to do to overcome the issue, because I mostly use my data link for email which makes the Telkom device useless to me.

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