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Security , phishing, fraud alert !

 Some recent forum threads report emails / phone calls purporting to be from ‘ Telkom’  but they’re phishing scams.


NEVER , EVER login to email links or give your banking , credit card , ID , login, or any other personal details via links or phone calls from unconfirmed sources.


Fraudsters are making phishing attempts plausible by addressing scams to specific people and making it look like a trustworthy source .


You get an email / text message/ phone call  re an account issue. Or the come-on might be anything from  ‘ security issue’ , “ new deal’ , “Delivery Issue,” “Parking Ticket,”  to a “Cancelled Transaction,” or “Refund for Purchase”  . You’re encouraged to click a link to pursue the issue. If you do click the link you go a fake version of the company’s website which can appear genuine. If you then “log in,” you’re actually providing your name and password to fraudsters who can steal your identity and rob you.


These criminals gather enough info to appear genuine then pose as your supplier /  bank / ISP.   When you discover something’s wrong it may be too late.


Stay safe … follow your bank’s website advice on fraud and treat ALL unusual calls / texts / emails as ‘suspect’ if they involve your personal details - no matter how convincing they seem. 

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Re: Security , phishing, fraud alert !

I'm getting messages that are supposed to be from Telkom (Telkom Internet Support <postmaster@staff.telkomsa.net).  Where canI report this?

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