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Service, Themba Myeni,

I called in today to cancel my account, I was feed up with Telkom’s Billing service and thought that the company’s customer service was horrid. I’ve been billed for my old Speed on top of my Upgraded account for the last 10 months. I’ve been calling in for the last 6 months and thought that all the call attends had a wheel on their desk with the same answers

  1. My system is down
  2. I’ve logged a call
  3. We have escalated the problem.

I was done, asked a call attend to put me InTouch with someone who could help and not to put down or phone me back, I was planning to stay on the line till her time ran out.

I spoke to a team leader named Themba Myeni, Absolutely excellent employee. He made the time to hear, understand, investigate and sympathise my issue. He was able to explain the possible causes and even went back onto my invoices to identify when the problem started. Themba is the reason that I will stay with Telkom, it gave me faith that Telkom is moving into a better direction.

If anyone thinks that a complement like this for one employee is untrustworthy, my name is Ettienne Vind line number 0573531608. You would have me on the system and if you need to confirm this complement you can give me a call on my cell number (as per the system) and I will be more than happy to confirm.  

Well done Telkom, with employees like Themba  I have no second thoughts that you will better your customer service.(that was not the best in the world, or even in the telkom Building)

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