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Sorry to have to say this but Telkom steals my data

Not once but many many times. WHY at the last day or so of a month does my remaining data suddenly disappeared .yesterday  at 8am I had 9 gigs of daytime data available. Without using my computer at 2pm I had 6gigs and then at 6pm  0 gigs. In this time I visited news24 once and sent 3 emails without attachments.  ( about 7 megs all told) Over the last 4 years I have been in contact with both the help line (no help) and various persons at their head office. There stories range from sorry to “oops” to it’s the software .. but we are sorting it out. I have asked for a summery of my connections during this “stolen” stage and in most cases (when they actually send them (thanks Freedom) it has shown I did NOT use this data. This seems to only happen at the end of the month (last 2 days). Surely after 4 years they should have sorted this out, surely they are not intentionally stealing my / our data. A quick google shows that there are many complaints of a similar nature against Telkom ( and other providers) . Please Telkom, STOP STEALING MY DATA. I paid for it, let me use it down to the last byte. Please contact me !!!!. Next step ICASA.

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Re: Sorry to have to say this but Telkom steals my data

Good Day Everyone, Please let me know if anyone has any Data Contracts with Telkom which include Promotional Data as Telkom is no longer using the Promotional Data and taking Data from the New Month. I am checking if anyone else is also experiencing the same issue with Telkom.

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