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Still being billed despite product cancellation

To whom it may concern,


Can a moderator kindly assist by providing a Telkom resolution / complaints e-mail address. I am currently overseas for the next year and I have cancelled my Telkom mobile contract. It was on a month-to-month contract. This was cancelled online and shows that I do not have anymore Telkom products currently. Yet I am still being billed and have been sent an invoice for next months bill already!!


I am currently unable to call the call centre. Can a moderator kindly assist, my cancellation reference number is: 24640652. Cell number is: 0812734995.


This is highly upsetting as I called in multiple times to cancel, it took disdainfully long with multiple people calling me to upgrade. Then when someone called me to confirm cancellation they tried to on-sell to me and when I refused the call was cut (dropped in my opinion). I had to call in again and only received a verbal confirmation that my account has been closed (which has been clearly not as I am still being billed for a service I am not using!)


Please help.


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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

HI Adrian


I am still being billed since my online cancellation in July. Its ridiculous. I was thinking of moving networks to Telkom but I thought twice afdter this experience 


I am still dealing with the cancellation


Good Luck

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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

I am G Jacobs ID 7508295185081 Tel nummber 0136924343


This line have been canceld 4 months ago i phone them every week were they send you from one to the uther

I have been to Telkom Shop in middelburg mall were they have send me to phone them again no service at all from the shop

Now telkom needs to pay me back my mony that they have deducted from me for 4 months and still they done come back to you

You stay on the line for more than an hour and then the ceep on sending you from one to the uther and no oen can help you



YOU CAN PHONE ME 0845565405

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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

You can post on this forum till you Blue in the face. It is only people outside Telkom that helps you and as their rules for the community state, no billing issues will be help here. You have to go through their processes.

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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

Exactly the same issues i faced over the years with Telkom and still face today. Very dishonest and wicked company and service is pathetically poor.

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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

I ordered a Telkom Wi Fi Router with 20GB per month deal over the telephone. It was delivered a week later. 5 Days after it was delivered it still was not working so I took the device with the original package and sim card to the Telkom Branch in Canal Walk Mall (Shop 76)  Cape Town. The agent who assisted me is Shafeq Khan (Agent Name: Khans11). 


I returned the original  wi fi router and the sim card as it was withing the 7 day period of me receiving it  and requested for the contract to  be canceled. This cancellation was done by the agent mentioned above: Khans11.  I then signed up for a new wi fi router with a 50GB per month deal while I was in this Telkom Branch with Shafeq Khan. He gave me the new contract, the new router and new sim card. 


I received an invoice on my e-mail an month later and realized that I am being charged for both contracts. The one I canceled (20GB Deal) as well as the new contract (50GB Deal). I called Telkom Customer care and they told me they had no record of the cancellation of the 20GB contract. I returned back to Canal Walk to speak to Khans11 and he told me he submitted the cancellation but the cancellation department did not do as they were told. 

I filled in another cancellation form but we were not able to submit the cancellation because we still needed  the SIM ICC-ID number. He promised to get that sorted the next morning. Nothing was done and I had to return to the store 2 days late and insist that the second cancellation process be done while I was  in the shop because I did not want to keep leaving before anything was done and then having to drive back 20km to the branch because no progress was being made. 


The cancellation was finally submitted and I received the case number: 26656845. No correspondence has been given to me since 20 January. In my opinion, Shafeq Khan had no interest in performing the cancellation of my original 20GB Deal and just wanted to get commission for signing me up on a new 50GB Deal. 

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Re: Still being billed despite product cancellation

A Telkom agent called and lied about telkom contract. i called and asked to cancel within 5 days. 2 years later i was still billed. then i was contated by Fourie lawyers and i gave evidence that i cancelled the contract, they send me confirmation that i owe R0.00. to my surprise Telkom still listing me as a bad payer and i am unable to buy on credit.


ID 7405120322080

MAphanga MV


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