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TI Entertainment Add-on R99 per month - False Advertising

[ Edited ]

I purchased this package so I could watch Netflix, now all of a sudden the data is being taken off my in bundle data. So I query this and get told the following.


Hi, as per the usage, you have gone over the 100GB allowed on the TI Entertainment bolt-on thus resulting in your ADSL data being used. ^Frank Home SoftCap (100GB) 50.36 %

Remaining Night Surfer 1.91GB

Social and Education 0.77GB

Entertainment 135.69GB Valid Until 22-Jun-2017.


Now the thing here is I purchased this so called uncapped package as can be seen on the following screen capture. The other thing is even if I wanted to I now cannot even purchase another TI Entertainment Add-on R99 per month as the current one is still active.




It really can become a bit tiresome when a company can just change the rules as they feel fit and we must be ok with it and end up looking like the bad guy because we just want what we purchased.


Posts: 6

Re: TI Entertainment Add-on R99 per month - False Advertising

Well I see my screen capture has been removed in the above post so let us try it like this then.



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