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Telkom Dlink 730 connection only H+

Can anyone help with Dlink 730? I have set it up correctly (it has worked previously), my package is still active on my profile, but I cant get anything more than an H+ signal? I'm not sure why - and, this won't connect to the internet.


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Re: Telkom Dlink 730 connection only H+



The Dlink 730 only supports up to HPSA+ (ie. the H+ symbol)

Also try deleting the old profile (TelkomSA) and use only the new APN (TelkomInternet)

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Re: Telkom Dlink 730 connection only H+

Good day,


I have the same problem with the Dlink 730. I've changed the APN setting to TelkomInternet.

Its still not connecting Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

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