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Telkom Netflix promotion

I am unable to activate the 3 month Netflix promotion offered by Telkom. I have an existing and qualifying service number for this promotion. I follow the the prompts and when directed to the Netflix homepage, no further instructions or prompts are available. I will appreciate any assistance.
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Re: Telkom Netflix promotion

Dude, those sms and instructions is terrible! I got through to an operator and was told how to do that...

When you click on the agee button they ask for your service number see the pictures (given the pictures are showing...)

If the picture is not showing:
- the top line is not the service number from the SMS but the "TIN1234567" number.
- select "account" not "OTP" then you fill the service number from SMS into the "Account number" (which is the second number asked).
- lastly you type in your ID in the bottom (the 3rd number).

This should go through to the Netflix site....


When you filled that in and submit, it should go through to netflix.

Telkom gives you credit (The "voucher" or credit - you can see under account). That will pay for your 3 months as if its a subscription.

Hope this help

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