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Telkom Webmail

Anyone else unable to open the URL http://webmail.telkomsa.net/?
I have tried Chrome and Edge and both return "site cannot be reached"..
Not a train smash - I normally use it to mark spam, but even that doesn't seem to reduce spam of late..
I'm on Win 10 / ADSL

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Re: Telkom Webmail

Having the same problem since yesterday evening

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Re: Telkom Webmail

Thanks Belinda81 

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Re: Telkom Webmail

Working for me but it's 2 days later

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Re: Telkom Webmail

I can now open webmail, but faced with this warning..



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Re: Telkom Webmail

It looks like the telkom webmail server has no longer a SSL licence.

This means it is no longer a secure site!

On Safari you get a warning:

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 14.17.33.jpg

iPhone could not receive mail until SSL was switched off.


As you can see the licence expired 31/05/2018 and Telkom has done nothing so far.


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