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Telkom cancelling 25 year old Beltel icons.co.za addresses - without notice to subscribers!

Towards the end of March 2018 I started experiencing problems in receiving emails being sent to my Telkom email addresses ending in @intekom.co.za and in @icons.co.za. Sometimes the delays would be hours. Sometimes days. I started sending emails to them as from 27.03.2018, requesting assistance. No one replied. Today I managed to speak to a very helpful gentleman at their 10210 call centre called Sipiwe Nene. He explained to me that the problems which Telkom subscribers - who have similar Telkom email addresses as mine - have been experiencing recently stem from the fact that Telkom had made the unilateral decision to cancel all such email address. When asking him why Telkom had not communicated this to any of its affected clients he told me that his company had simply ‘forgotten’. I was advised to request the iDirect Division to give me new Telkom compliant email addresses instead. I have had my particular Beltel Videotex @icons.co.za email address since 1993 (one of the first in South Africa!). I’m not about to give up an email address which I have been paying for - for over a quarter of a century. I therefore requested Telkom to let me know how I can ‘buy’ my @icons.co.za e-mail address from them, and have it taken over by another ISP.

Posts: 2

Re: Telkom cancelling 25 year old Beltel icons.co.za addresses - without notice to subscribers!

Hi Rodolpho, the same thing has happened with my 2 intekom email adresses, devastationg for me and my business... were you able to have your icon or intekom addresses re instated? I desperately need to have this done, or at least have something set up that mails sent to my intekom adresses get bounced back....any help please

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