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Telkom has a new Smartphone App

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Sometimes life is just too complicated - do one thing here, view another over there, log on somewhere else for this or that. But not with the newly launched Telkom App! Gone are the days when our customers had to switch between two different Telkom Apps to manage two different accounts, one for home and one for mobile. Telkom is excited to bring the new Telkom App, which does both. The new app conveniently replaces the two existing apps, and making it possible to manage home and mobile accounts on a single app from a smartphone or tablet.


 Android: Google Play Store


iPhone: Apple App Store 



Some key features:

  • View and pay your accounts.
  • Log and track faults and orders.
  • Buy and Top up data and airtime.
  • Check your data usage.
  • Check fro upgrades.
  • Move your line.
  • Manage your spend limit.
  • and many more...

 How-To Videos: Learn how to use the Telkom App


Some screenshots from the new App


1.png 4.png
7.png 2.png
3.png 5.png
6.png 8.png
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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

Hi @Nithan15@hongkongpom,  @goatfish@thesuspect@LordLethal@shalin@MrOpportunity and everyone else who would like to give us some feedback.


We recently released our new App to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. We have just passed 100k downloads and I thought it fitting that I reach out to our Community for their feedback. So if you haven't yet, please download the app and come back and give us your thoughts.




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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

Hi @SOC. No problem. I have been using your new app for close on a month now and I must say I quite like it. Although not as simple as the old Mobile App, I like the fact that I can now see my ADSL line and cellphone number in the same app.  It has its issues like it being a bit slow from time to time. It seems to be improving ever so slightly. Its awesome that I can pay my ADSL account from the App. Would be great if you stayed logged in? But I suppose its like a banking app, you wouldnt want your phone stolen and someone buy huge data bundles on your account.


It's a good start. I will keep adding as I think of stuff.

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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

I have been using this app for a while now and i have to say its an amazing app. My only question is would it be possible to incorporate the chat to an agent feature within the app and not have to go via browser?

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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

howzit. the only issue i have is the loading time when i click on an option. i don't mind waiting but, it's a bit longer than usual. other than that, no real issues.i would like to see the TI tracker incorporated here somewhere. the top up function is fine but, tracking usage and bolt ons would be great as well.

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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

@SOC to be honest i dont use the app that much, mostly check to see whats my bill but i do like the UI, its easy to use and pretty straight forward. The chat with an agent feature takes forever to load if it loads at all however in the end it beats calling in and holding 10min + just to hear what i owe Smiley Happy

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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

Yet again no Windows Phone app? It can't be that difficult! Or send me the api documents so I can make one myself if you do not have any c# devs. 

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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

app is old . webapi.
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Re: Telkom has a new Smartphone App

The App is not working! I downloaded it days ago and try intermittently to register but get an error each time.


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