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TelkomInternet portal profile

Hi there


How do I change the contact information on my TelkomInternet portal profile page? https://customerportal.telkomsa.net/portal/customerprofile


My mobile numbe changed about 8 years ago already. It was changed with Telkom general, but that change does not show on the internet profile. Also, the e-mail address they have on there is one that only they would know where it comes from, as it has never been mine.


Having the wrong info there means I cannot reset my internet access password vir sms service or via e-mail.


It is not possible to change it online. On the page when you hover your mouse over the info it says to phone 10210 to update. When 10210 eventually answers they say you have to call 10213 to update that info. At 10213 no-one knows how to do it or has access to update it. They sent me to the billing department who are totally clueless about this. They forwarded me to the Technical department who said I could send an e-mail to support@telkom.co.za, which bounces back as non-existant.

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