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Terrible Service ... Terrible everything!!!!!

i ordered a phone from telkom for my little sis'  birthday on the 9th already. i was was advised that delivery takes 5 to 7 days.  i was hoping to have the phone by the 16th already. im really disappointed. as a new customer i wont be buying anything from telkom ever again.


i contacted telkom spoke to an urgent that told me my order is with Courier IT. however when i contacted courier It they told they didnt have that parcel. the urgent gave me an incorrect reference number aswell.


i have since then been waiting for the phone till today. i just logged in to the telkom track my order site to track the order and the current status shows that they are still checking with the warehouse if they have stock.


what kind of nonsense is this? how do you debit people's accounts without confirming if you have stock first? why advertise something to customers if you dont have the stock?  why should delivering a phone take half a month anyway? are you shipping stock from China that we have to wait this long to get our orders?


telkom really needs to upgrade their services!!!!!!!!!!! this is the worst service ever!!

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Re: Terrible Service ... Terrible everything!!!!!

You are sooooo right. The service is 100 times more than terrible. It is shocking at this era. Their systems are not talking to each other. I palced an order for Uncapped Wi-Fi sometime during the first week in December. By the 14th they had not delivered the service and I Iinformed the agent to rather cancel and begin the service in January as I was going to be away for three weeks. I contacted them from the 7th of January todate no joy. Their phones are not answered and eventually one of the agents logged a new order promising to deliver immediately. Nothing happened called again with no success. Eventually went to the store only to be told that the transaction has not been finalised. What B.......S!!!!! is this. Anyone with better options please let me know. We need competition in this country. In that way companies will get a wakeup. Telkom will never upgrade their service. We need to dump them. I am done with Telkom. I am cancelling my landline as well after more than 25 years. 

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Re: Terrible Service ... Terrible everything!!!!!

I also hate the service on Cape town i ordered a

phone to the phone name is a Huawei prime s2 on the 19th  of august 2019 and telkom told me that my package of the phone will come on the 21th but it came on the 30th when i am leaving Cape town the package came when i left i hate TELKOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know how made i am😡

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