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Terrible heartless service - does telkom really care about their customers?

This is my sad and frustrating saga with telkom. I took out an ASDL line contract with Telkom in late 2017. It was linked to an landline number (0118300754) and account number 337120597. My problems started early in 2018 when the internet was unstable and never worked a lot of the time. I complained to Telkom and some of my communication is captured on the screenshots of the sms they sent me. However, even though they claimed matters were sorted, this continued and I continued complaining until they eventually sent me a sms numbered 161522. In this sms, they said that due to repeated cable thefts in the area, they were going to offer me an alternative. I took this sms with me to the Rosebank Telkom store and showed it to them and they offered me the LTE package (account 335397380) under the understanding that the ASDL contract (account number 337120597) would be cancelled by Telkom and I would not bear any costs and I would be moved to the new LTE contract. Obviously Telkom did not keep to their word and simply then continued billing me for a service they could not provide (the ASDL line) and also billed me for the LTE contract which I continue to pay for and have no issues with this. I disputed this via the call centre and as usual was promised it will be sorted out and the appropriate credits given but INSTEAD without my knowledge they sent this account to the credit bureau. I only got to know of this when I applied for a bond with my bank and they told me about this. This is unacceptable and leaves me angry and frustrated. I DID not request that this ASDL line contract be cancelled- Telkom did and they never sorted it out properly. I am left simply bitter and angry and the continued lies told to me by the call centre agents that a dispute was logged and they will communicate the outcome with me. I don’t owe anyone money and I don’t desserve to be placed on the crdit bureau by an organistion known for its poor customer service and bullying.

This is not acceptable. 

Lets see if they even take note of this post on their platform


jeff yengopal

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