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Unethical business practice

To whom this may concern


On the 23/11 around 21h00 I made an online application for one of you black Friday deal. At 21h48 I received an sms (see attached for details). On Saturday morning is @ 11h17 I received a call from you “sale- team” check my application to see if I qualify and ask me personal information over the phone which I already input on system.


My first problem with this is that I am already a customer and you do have all my details on the system, I should not have to give a personal to details to you telephonically if the person on the other claim that he works for Telkom.

How or what guarantee do I have that I am speaking to an agent of the company.  


None the less details was confirmed and I was told that the device will be delivered with 3-5 working day.

  • I was not advise of an order number
  • I was not given a ref number  for the call
  • I was not advise that my account will be debit with in three day of the application


So like any person I waited as I was informed that was approved and will be delivered.

On the 28/11 I tried to call 10213 to follow up on the order was on hold for 20min no answer, called again 29/11 was on hold again for 20min no answer.

On the 28/11 I also logged on and chatted with one of you agents where she advise that she could not find any order on my account not reference that anything is pending.

On the 28/11 @15h33 I received and sms (see attached) advising me that my account will be debited.


So I called you sale team again, tried to chat with an online consultant with no luck. So on my way on 29/11 I stopped by you Kenilworth Centre where I went to one of you branches to get clarity on what is going on.


  • Again I was informed that no order was allocated for my account when I supplied them with my ID number
  • I was informed that you use an third party company to confirm personal details  and do note that I was not informed telephonically that he was call on behalf of Telkom and he is authorised to do so and as specified above this is a security risk
  • I check my account and it has been debit on ref Telkom8TA LXF20181124001181129, with a device in my possession or any feedback, call or follow up from your company


I will be laying a formal complaint with the Ombudsman or even further.

I accept someone for you company to call me and resolve this matter asap.



Lamees Abbass  

New Member
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Re: Unethical business practice

Join the club. 

My brother and I have also been experiencing terrible service and dishonesty from Telkom over the years, all the things you mentioned and more.

Not they even blocking us from migrating over to a better quality internet provider and nobody can help.

Good luck trying to escalate a formal complaint - it gets ignored and nothing gets done.

They will have to answer to Jesus one day...

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