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Very Slow Internet

Since the 18th of November our once fast internet speed has ended. We live about 500m from a tower in Ninapark Akasia. We used to get 18ms ping, 26mbps download and 9mbps upload. On slow days or peak hours it would drop to 18mbps download and 5mbps upload. 

Now the avarage speed is 80ms ping, 0.91mps download and 0.00mps upload. 

I went right next to the tower this morning and did speed test. As follows. 17ms ping 4.72mbps download and 4.83mbps upload.

I drove to my house, 500m  away, and did the test again. 63ms ping, 1.36mbps download and 0.12mbps upload.

Using Internet for anything is a frustration.

It is sad becouse our signal was so good we cancelled DSTV and purcahes 2 Telkom LIT TV boxes. Needles to say, they are now un-used as streaming is impossible. We have 2 x FREEMEE 20g Contracts in the houshold both experiencing the same signal problems.

 I reported this to Telkom. I was advised its my handse, which it was not.  Reported it to Telkom again and case eventualy logged. Since then it has not escalated any futher. After many phonecalls, vissit to shop, emails and chats, there is still no responce for technical team and problem still pessist.

What to do!!!!

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