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What Happens Now

Good day 


Apologies for the ignorance , after a loooooong, frustrating battle  ,Openserves" Subcontractor came to lay fibre lines in my complex , or rather they had to rewire the whole network backbone, as the previous installers made a huge mess of the initial installation to the complex.


So basically what Happened , The line has been brought into my home and connected to a little white HUAWEI box , I belive this is the ONT (correct me if I am wrong) as well as the lines leading to the homes has been connected to "Buddy Boxes" on the outside 


I in the meantime I applied for connection to an ISP and they told me that Openserves Portal has not been updated but they will accept maNual orders for my address


They told me today that the manual order has been submitted today and Openserve will be in contact to install the line, Can someone please explain what the next steps are as I believe with the line brought into my home It has been installed please clarify?

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