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What to do with your data

  1. Video Streaming


images.jpgVideo streaming is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, with locals now spoiled for choice between Showmax, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Showmax is an internet TV service, which gives you unlimited access to over 25 000 series, movies, documentaries and kids’ shows, including loads of local hits, for R99 a month.

Showmax includes a bandwidth capping function that reduces your data usage by as much as 75% when streaming.

You can also use their bandwidth calculator to work out how much data you’ll use before you start streaming, making your data usage fairly easy to control.

According to the Showmax bandwidth calculator, you’ll be able to watch 12 hours a week at a medium video quality for under 40GB per month.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are both international Video on Demand (VoD) platforms that also allow you to set your bandwidth consumption by setting the quality of your video.


  1. Online gaming


images (1).jpgVideo gaming has become a professional sport, with players competing for prize money running into millions of dollars.

eSports is growing in South Africa, with an increasing amount of gamers becoming involved in the local competitive gaming scene.

Prize pools for local gaming tournaments have risen substantially over the past two years, with many competitions now boasting prizes in excess of R1 million.

While eSports has been around for just under 20 years, it has become more accessible due to lower computer prices and enhanced internet speeds.

Dota 2 is by far the most popular competitive game in South Africa, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


  1. Work remotely


download (1).jpgA steadily increasing number of people are working from their homes or remotely either as employees or small business owners.

According to Reuters online, about one in five workers around the world telecommute frequently, and nearly 10% work from home every day.

Most telecommuters work from home, while others use mobile technology to work from coffee shops or other locations, usually with free Wi-Fi and plenty of sockets to recharge from.

However, free WiFi can be risky, and as such, a decent internet connection is the essential prerequisite for effective remote working.




  1. Video conferencing


images (2).jpg70% of communication is visual, and so video conferencing has become more mainstream.

Its appeal has also grown over the past decade thanks to better networking solutions and wireless internet.

You’re also no longer limited to a desktop computer, as today video conferencing can happen over a laptop, smartphone, even a television.

A one-hour video chat can cost you as much as 450MB of data use, so you need a big data plan for video conferencing.

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Re: What to do with your data

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Figure on 3GB/hour for HD quality


If working from a public Wifi connection use a VPN

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Re: What to do with your data

I use bulk of my internet on streaming, I left telkom when fibre was installed in my area my current provider has no FUP my last months usage was around 700GB for the month mainly due to streaming netflix in 4K.


Very Important as to what HongKongPom said always use a VPN on a public wifi network there are some free VPNS available like OperaVPN.

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Re: What to do with your data

Hi Nithan15. Which provider do you use now that have no FUP?
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