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Why do I need to RICA my sim which has the same address?

Hi there.


I have a ADSL 10 meg uncapped line, included was the free data sim. I only decided to get the sim recently as I live over 100km away from a Telkom store.


I have now been getting sms's saying I need to RICA the sim I received. Why do  I need to do this as the sim is linked to my account so Telkom knows my physical address etc.


Its a mission for me to get to  a Telkom shop to RICa and I have no I dea who to call to see if they can use original doccuments (when I got the ADSL line) to RICA


Any ideas would be a great help

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Re: Why do I need to RICA my sim which has the same address?

RICA Regulations

Your SIM Card is no different from any other identity you have.




You SIM card needs to registered seperately for regulation and customer profile monitoring.

It is important to RICA in order for support agents to be able to assist you with issues regarding the SIM card.



There is a system in place very strict legislations and internet laws in the country that are mean't to protect your interests should someone steal your identity, both parties involved in with the SIM the "network" and "user" tier and RICA is more like South African Police Service protecting your interests.


The why?

Telkom the "network" is required to have it's subscribers "You" registered to avoid illegal use and abuse of systems.


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