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Window 10 Laptop

I bought a laptop for my wife to use for research. It is a windows 10 OS and we use 3g as we live out on a farm. I explained this all the manageress of the telkom store were we bought the laptop. Within a week we noticed that we had used our entire 5GB worth of data. We usually with our other laptop use 2GB per month. I went back to the store to make a enquiry. I was told that yes this new OS uses a lot of data with automatic updates that one can not turn off. I expressed my annoyance at not being informed about this at the outset of taking out the contract. I would not have taken out the contract if I knew that all my data for the months would go on updates. We hardly used the internet in that particular week as well, which has added to the frustration we feel at this stage. I was told my the manageress that there is nothing that can be done. We want to have the contract cancelled as not full closure was done in this regard. I also wonder how many other non -adsl users are in this same situation?

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Re: Window 10 Laptop

@gusgray, you wouldnt blame BP or Shell if your new car suddenly used a lot more petrol than your old car?

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Re: Window 10 Laptop

I want to purchase a new laptop Maybe it will Toshiba, but I don't know window 10 work well in Toshiba laptop or not. Anyone, please suggest me window 10 is good for Toshiba laptop or not. Even I visit Toshiba Support team also for more info.

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Re: Window 10 Laptop

It generally represents that the bug has caused boot failure in system. When your system’s boot Toshiba error code 0xc0000185  configuration data lacks of crucial information, you encounter this error.

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