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full speed wifi access??

Hello!You have 10240 MB of full speed Wi-Fi access remaining for this month. this is the sms i have every month on my contract but even when connecting to telkom hotspot the amount never change can someone please explain where and how to use this free wifi
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Re: full speed wifi access??

Hi @ronelpetzer - I just tried to explain this to someone else here https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Poll-Discussions/Telkom-WiFi/m-p/3514/highlight/false#M37 - have a look and let me know if you still have questions...

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Re: full speed wifi access??

Good Day


I have read all your replies to the questions and I still dont fully understand.

I have a Wifi router and am on pre-paid. When I check my balances I have free wifi bundle

- How do I use my free wifi??

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Re: full speed wifi access??

@lusanda, the free wifi can be used at wifi hotspots like Certain restaurants and shops. I use it at Burger King

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Re: full speed wifi access??

How does this speed wifi work because im getting lost
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Re: full speed wifi access??

WIFI speed is indicated by the router works on bands normally its on the 2.4Ghz band that works on the 802.11a\b\g\n.

I stand to be corrected but 802.11a\b\g is up to 54Mbps and n can go up to 300Mbps again based on the model of the router you use.

You also get routers that support 5Ghz band 802.11a\ac this can support speed of over 1000Mbps.


These speeds are not your internet speed remember your internet speed is determined by the line speed. The Wifi speeds are for communication of devices within your network e.g Plex on a laptop sending information to a PS3 this is were the wifi speeds comes in, remember for streaming its best to use LAN cables as its more stable than WIFI.

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Re: full speed wifi access??

hello! and i dont know how to use it my free speed wifi access.

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Re: full speed wifi access??

Over the time that I have been going through this forum I have noticed that people have different levels of understanding of what WiFi is.


  • WiFi is a wireless communication standard that operates at 802.11a/b/g/n in either the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequency bands. Most modern devices now use the N standard usually at up to 300Mbps.
    • Wifi is built into your modern smarthpone and tablet and must not be confused between Mobile Data that uses 3G/HSDPA/LTE etc....
    • Most Laptops have WiFi network cards built in.
    • Wifi is used to connect your device to a Wireless Access Point (Your ADSL or Fibre Router. You can also put an LTE SIM in a router to create a wifi hotspot in your home.)
    • When Telkom refers to Free Wifi, they are talking about Wifi hotspots that are installed in places like restaurants, shopping malls, airports etc... You usually enable your Wifi on your Phone/Laptop and can browse for free or purchase Wifi bundles.)
  • If you have ADSL or Fibre at home (including LTE in a router), that is your internet connection technology, not Wifi!!
    • Within your home, you now use yoru ADSL router with built in Wifi to create a Wifi hotspot that your phones, tablets or laptops can connect to.


So the next time you call in or speak to anyone and say that you need help with your wifi, please make sure you are referring to Wifi in the correct context!


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Re: full speed wifi access??

This is simple,
* to any telkom hotspot
*connect to '1 telkom connect'
*open advanced options
*click and change EAP methot to SIM
*click connect...

you are connected,😊
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Re: full speed wifi access??

I want to use that full speed WiFi access

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