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smtp authentication

Why does Telkom not implement smtp authentication - this will allow user to send mails without constantly changing the smtp settings when moving around. The will be of great assistance, as users connect to WiFi hotspots while travelling, and the knowledge of the ISP is not always known to enable changing the smtp settings on the mail client.

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Re: smtp authentication

I have the same question! My IP is listed by Spamhaus and other spam lists and gmail often blocks my mail. When researching my IP on these lists I find that Telkom indeed has a "bad reputation". Most often it shows as a problem with the "name server" - if I remember correctly? Spamhaus states that the problem is often resolved by checking the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" as ON or YES. I have tried to do that, but then I cannot send e-mail at all! Why is this the case? I am really trying to use the best practices - is there a way out of this? Can Telkom help me?

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