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3 months later - still no line!

Good Day Telkom, Lets start from January 2018; My attempts to contact Telkom to relocate my line were wasted for a month; 7th February, Realised i can report it online so i do; I get a phone call back from a telkom agent telling me my account is overdue and relocation won't be done till I pay; I ask if the line will be suspened in the mean time; later finding out that it wasn't, or it was but by default.

Beginning of March i manage to make payment, even the extra R550 during the time of my line being inactive, as a way of being accomodating. Even though I paid the extra amount I have not had any reply or call or SMS from telkom regarding my relocation. I Ordered relocation again on the 4th of march and was told it would be fast tracked for my inconveniance, I've had to call Telkom to find out any details about it and being told the technicians called my "old" landline; WHY?!; So I verify my address 3 times with 3 different agents and told I will receive a schedule SMS (no SMS sent to date, sent to landline?!).


Weeks pass by and no call, SMS or reply about the line, finally i check online and see according to telkom I'm QUITE HAPPILY ENJOYING MY TELKOM LINE FROM THE 9TH OF MARCH?!!!


This whole process has cost my thousands and I can only go to an ombudsman now to sue for loss of income and the sheer inconveniance; let alone the lies and deceit, is it so hard to coordinate a simple line installation/configuration?


I am not paying for telkom's lack of training and general lack of duty towards their clients, along with my family who have been heavily inconvenianced; no ways to promote themselves and advertise online constantly and having to spend HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of cellphone data just to do so.


If Telkom could get a technician out, I would greatly appreciate it. My cellphone number is 072 519 2829.

My only other option is to close my Telkom and take my business elsewhere, like many people I know have done.


There is something very wrong with telkom if it takes more than 3 months to schedule a 20 min visit from a technician. 

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Re: 3 months later - still no line!

The local (Telkom) exchange has recently been upgraded there are alternative solutions with proper service and connection... without copper... you dont lose your number and we will deal with any Telkom related issue on ur behalf during the change over.... also more affordable than your copper network... currently Telkom clients are on per min billing when we can switch you over to per second billing aswell as R0 line rentals... so you only pay for what you use... plus 24hr/7days a week service absolutely free...

Kind regards
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