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Hello Telkom


I applied for one of the router deals I saw online and received a callback from Gugulethu. After confirming my details and doing a security check she informed me she needs to call me back as she hadn't gotten confirmation of the approval yet. After a few minutes though, she called back and confirmed that my application was approved.


She then asked me for the delivery address for the router, to which I replied she could have it delivered to the address I'd given which happens to be both my home and business address since I'm self-employed and work from home. I happen to live and work in Dobsonville, Soweto. To my surprise she told me she couldn't have it delivered there and that I had to give her the address where I opened the business "because of fraud". I then explained that I work from home so I have no alternative.


After putting me on hold to speak to a supervisor, she returned to tell me that as she said before she cannot have the router delivered to my address, but this time her reason was that the address is in a high risk area and that due to crime and highjackings Telkom doesn't deliver there. She then said I'll have to give her the address where the business was opened or cancel my application and do it from scratch at a branch! Angrily asked whether since Telkom doesn't deliver to black areas if I could give her an address in a white area would they then deliver. She put me on hold again and returned with exactly the same response as before.


At this point I'd partially processed what she had said before, so I asked her if they'd deliver to Sandton if I had an address there. She said "yes". I then asked what their basis for "high risk" was. She said they'd experienced highjackings before in the area. When I asked her when, she had no answer. I then requested the supervisor and got the usual response - that s/he was busy and would call me back. She then told me she will have to cancel my order because she can't keep it open. When I asked her why since she was able to keep it open when she had to call me back earlier, she said "ok, but I'm on leave tomorrow" (whatever that means).


Firstly it is utterly ridiculous that Telkom doesn't deliver to certain areas where there are not only residence but legitimate businesses that operate on a daily basis because of so called "high crime rates". Dobsonville has a shopping mall and a shopping complex for Pete's sake! If my studio was in the mall would they refuse to deliver?


Secondly, my delivery address shouldn't be reason for my application to be cancelled. Surely Telkom should have an alternative if for whatever reason they are unable to deliver to my address of choice. Instead of cancelling the application and inconveniencing me to the extent that I have to start the process again from scratch at a branch, why not complete the application and deliver the router to the branch where I can just collect it?


Thirdly, why did Gugulethu's reasons for not being unable to assist me change 3 times for the same issue? And what does her being on leave have to do with me?!


Lastly, I am still awaiting a call from said supervisor and it has been over 2 hours. S/he wasn't busy when Gugulethu was asking her questions when I was on hold but s/she's suddenly busy when I demand to talk to her directly. Something is very wrong here. This whole experience leaves a lot to be desired.

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