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Cancellation of Telkom Anytime Extra, but Keep Landline

I have been trying to cancel the Telkom Anytime Extra on my landline for over a year. I want to keep the landline, but to cancel this extra service.

I cannot get through by telephone, on 10210 to the right department, and there is always a recorded voice message saying there is a delay due to high call volumes. No matter how long I hold on for, I cannot get through to an operator.
I have tried to chat to an Agent on the Telkom app. After completing the required details, the screen to connect with an agent is always blank.
I get charged for local calls, even with the extra monthly charge of Telkom Anytime Extra.

I would like to cancel this as a matter of urgency, since billing for it will likely continue for two months after cancellation, should it ever happen.

Please could someone advise on how to proceed. Thank you.
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Re: Cancellation of Telkom Anytime Extra, but Keep Landline

Telkom has billed me after my cancellation confirmation email. Not surprised considering everyone on this forum has the same problem. Done talking to Telkom, mailing them. 

Lets rather go to court, this seems the only logical path from here.

So sad that Telkom has to be incompetent, not only with my account, but everyone’s account on this forum.  

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Re: Cancellation of Telkom Anytime Extra, but Keep Landline

It’s a sad day when Telkom does not reply or respond to problems which are clearly endemic. The My Broadband newsletter and forum has covered this issue extensively - viz. the problems of cancelling a Telkom line or service, and being billed thereafter.
I also placed the above on Hello Peter, to which I have not received a response from Telkom.
Then, Hello Peter requested me to rate Telkom: a negative rating by myself would pretty much ensure that Telkom never provides service in any shape or form in future, so I left it.
At least the other Communications providers respond on Hello Peter, despite ongoing bad service encountered by customers.
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