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Cancellation of account

I cancelled my 8ta account through telkom in December 2015.  Phoned, filled in the form, confirmed receipt of the form and have subsequently still been charged on a monthly basis for a service that does not work in the area I am in and have cancelled (contract was over).  I have phoned and resubmitted the form every month, have been told it has been escalated and yet still charged this month.  Shocking service. Is there anyone that can assist?!

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Re: Cancellation of account

@Dee1 thanks for tyring the Community, but we are not a Service channel, please use one of these to report your issue - 


Should you wish to speak to Telkom, we have a few option to suit your needs.

  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels
  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10120 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
  • Find a Store
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Re: Cancellation of account

Hi guys, 


I feel your pain. I've been trying since Jan to cancel my line. Just receive automated responses. I've got over 15 service log #'s. 


I've even drafted a legal letter for Telkom to make it illegal to continue raising fees against my account. But where do I send it to ? 


I've used social media, email, etc ... but to no avail.


Only response I get is my account every month Smiley Happy


They are by far the most inept service provider in the country. This veneer of excellence that they pose with "community" and "contribution" is nonsense. It just plasters over the service delivery issues that make us all want to run away and work with alternative providers.


I'll gladly share the wording / contents of my legal dispute if anyone wants to formally lay a charge against Telkom. Maybe that is the only way someone will contact me. 


I've even sent Linkedin messages to some of their top executives in the Customer Service department. With no response.



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Re: Cancellation of account

I requested my account to be cancelled for end of April. They continued to bill me for May and June. Now they suspended all my other services with telkom due to non payment. I phoned the call centre this morning. They said they will only reinstate my other services if I pay the May and June account. SO I need to pay for their incompetence to get my other services back online. Fancy being held ransom. OMW!!! Will defenitely send a mail to Icasa to see if this practise is legal and legitimate.


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