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Cannot receive sms

I ported my vodacom number to telkom about 2 yrs ago, which I terribly regret now...i have not been able to receive SMS, but can send one. Their not so learned customer service agents was just as useless, I can't access my bank online not do any online purchases because I can't receive any OTP... It's been more than a week now. My SMS centre no is correct nothing seems wrong with my settings. They promised to fix it within an hr but it's a day now, nothing yet. How do i port back to Vodacom?
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Re: Cannot receive sms

Hi @Bmabye


Your number was ported to Telkom 2 years ago but the OTP issue only started a week ago - is that correct ?


You can confirm which network services your number by enquiring on central data base - this link  :-



If something appears wrong you should check with your bank to be safe ( just in case of a sim security risk) . If necessary change your OTP contact details until this is resolved. 


The banks are very strict re number porting & OTP security, Probably better not to try porting back until your sms issue is sorted & you know what’s happening. 


Hope this helps, please let us know what happens.

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Re: Cannot receive sms



I ported from Telkom to MTN. Hated the experience and requested for a port reversal. I came back to Telkom on the 06 September. Since then I am not able to send or receive texts nor can I receive incoming calls. I do have a data connection and can make out going calls. The inquiry has been logged with Telkom custmer support and I do follow up almost every second day. Any idea of what the issue could be?

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Re: Cannot receive sms

Hi @Alana1


Could be a Telkom system routing error as your number was recently ported. You can confirm that your ported number is serviced by Telkom on this central data base link  :- https://www.porting.co.za/PublicWebsite/


Then message a Telkom media team below and confirm with their tech dept that the ported number was correctly routed in their system.  ( routing errors can apparently cause weird connection issues )


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


If none of that works you may have to report a fault.


Good luck, hope this helps.


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