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Dead line

Hi All


My landline went dead on the 5th of August 2018. I have called in and reported the fault 5 times. All of which i was told the calls were not logged properly by the consultant. I have referrence numbers to all calls. i eventually managed to get a hold of a team leader on 07/09/2018 @ 13:29. She assured me that it would be resolved by the end of the week. Up till this day, it hasnt been resolved. emails go un-answered. Calling in is frustrating as i have to re-log the fault, which never gets logged properly. Im so fed up of telkom, i would like to cancel my service with them. Please help go about the cancellation in the correct manner.




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Re: Dead line

Hi @Ashly


Sorry to see what’s happening to you . Beyond frustrating waiting so long.


We’re customers in the forum and Telkom won’t see your post here.   Cancellation can be a difficult process, so before you give up, try messaging an urgent complaint to a Telkom media team (below) and email a copy to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback and results. Include your contract details with all fault refs & dates. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope they reconnect you soon, otherwise  you can apply to terminate your contract online via Telkom portal  : 



Good luck, please let us know what happens.

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Re: Dead line

Hi Cathy


Thank you for the advise. Surprisingly, my landline has been restored, however, the line is very poor. Low and scratchy. So im now trying to get them to attend to this. The wifi runs, in an out of signal as before. So frustrating when you have a 3year old throwing a tantrum cos his episode of PJ Mask wont download.


Thank you again, for your response. much appreciated.



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Re: Dead line

Hi @Ashly

 Rebooting your router often helps restore the connection,  then run a couple of speed tests at different times of day to check your line sync speed. However you mentioned crackling on your phone, so presumably a technician didn’t visit & check your line ?


While you’re waiting for a tech there are some things you could check on your home network  :-


When your line is synchronising at lower speeds than it should, or if you’re experiencing intermittent drops in connectivity, one place to start is your DSL connection statistics.  You can find them by logging into your ADSL router (look for wording such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and line attenuation - sometimes referred to as resistance).

The higher the SNR the better, and the lower the attenuation the better. 


• SNR should be at least 6dB, but preferably higher than 9 or 10dB.

• Attenuation/resistance should be below 55dB, but preferably lower than 45dB


While little can be done if your line attenuation is too high due to distance from the exchange or bad copper line quality, there are a few things you can try to improve your SNR.


The first step is to eliminate any potentially faulty equipment between your ADSL router or modem and the telephone jack.

This includes POTS filters (often the cause of issues with DSL connections) and telephone line extensions. Such equipment is often first to get damaged when lightning hits your phone line, and to ensure they are not causing noise on your line they should be disconnected temporarily.


Other equipment connected to the same jack as your ADSL router or modem, such as telephones, should also be removed while testing. 


If the source of noise on your line still not found : -


is your router or modem faulty? Try connecting another modem to see if you get similar SNR readings from it.


Electric fences. A faulty security fence can cause impulse noise on an ADSL link. This will cause the line to run errors and drop intermittently. In severe cases the ASDL line will not sync at all. Check for any arcing from the fence due to cracked or faulty isolators, as well as for plants or any foreign objects touching the fence.



Hope there’s something useful here , if not you may have to report another line fault . please keep us posted re what happens .

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