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Deducting before due date

I have spoken to an agent today for sending me texts and voice prompts telling me I am overdue on my Telkom mobile account that is linked to my landline. She said that I am not overdue/arrears and should just ignore the message. I decided to activate the debit order option on my account for the due date that is on the 28th August 2017 to the amount of R1 252.75. Telkom deducted R1200 out of my account today! That was my last money before day and Helloooooooo it is not the 28th yet. 


I have had more bad experiences with Telkom than good, but prefer to stay with them for the excellent deals. However I need my money to be reimbursed back into my account immediately. She did not even ask when my payday is? 



Help please....

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