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FF News: Best Dancer in the World, 2020!

Best Dancer in the world, to

‘light up stadiums,’ in upcoming months.

By Ahaana Mukerjee


(21 January 2020) The Best Dancer in the world, 2020, Omar Abdulla is

set to light the night

in upcoming dance shows in South Africa, in communities Laudium, Lenasia,

Roshnee, Rylands,

and in all major cities in South Africa, Pretoria, Johannesburg,

Cape Town and #Durban.

“We have decided to launch these e I g h t shows in South Africa from

March 2020-July 2020,

encapsulating crowds of more than 50 000.’ echoed a Show

Organizer for The Omar

Abdulla Group, Ms. Amina Kolia.


Omar Abdulla who was nominated as ‘the best dancer in the world,’

in Hollywood

l a s t year says that he will be dancing to soundtracks from

Justin Bieber, Selena

Gomez, Michael Jackson and Shar Rukh Khan.

‘He is king when it comes to dancing and hopefully

he dances to my tune, #yummy.’

Bieber screamed.


The Cape Town Daily, reported that Abdulla was ‘well-liked;

well-loved,’ in the suburbs

of Cape Town, and welcomed him to their community.

“All the girls and guys go ga-ga for him, and we can’t wait to see his

energy and

stylish vibes bring Cape Town to life.’

“He has the looks and personality to make anyone love him. He has this vibrancy about

the way he moves, that makes me pine for more.’ quirked a Durban Knight.


Mr. Shar Rukh Khan who spoke to The Mumbai Times, croaked that Abdulla was fast

becoming popular after seeing videos of him on Instagram SA and Tik Tok SA.

“In my young days I could jump up and down, now I settle for the fatherly roles

and dance moves.’

Footprints in Johannesburg, understands that the show musical “The Prince of her Dreams,’

is a love story that features cool dances, awesome stage props, interesting storyline,

and so so much more.



Abdulla who ended his statement to The Pretoria News, cooled that

he was super-excited to be

part of the dance musical that will tell a story of how a

boy falls in love with his princess and

the ‘thrills ‘n spills,’ of their relationship.

The Sunday Times read that Abdulla had already placed so

many adverts in their newspaper,

that they were tired of seeing his face on the front cover.

“He has always maintained such ‘coolness-‘n’ calmness,’ under pressure, but he

still l o o k s good, and we can’t wait for more…

“The dance show is two hours, telling a story of “The PrinCe of her Dreams,’ encapsulating

eight funky soundtracks, hunky dance moves, film-style videography,

and audiences that

will compete with international standards.’

The Omar Abdulla Group and other companies are said to be the

creators of “The PrinCe of her Dreams,’

with ticket prices ranged from R200-R500, broomed a local Laudium resident.

“We will be traveling with him, staying in hotels and moving around with him, ensuring

that this will be the best concert you ever watch.’ yummed Miss. Shaakira Essa.

Totalling a massive of 400 000 residents of South Africa said to watch the company

within the next few months advertisers are pledged to buy advertising in this lucrative

company cooped The Business Times.

“Advertisers should take advantage of promoting their companies to hundreds

of residents in South Africa.’

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