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Fault reported over 3 weeks ago: 994CRK201216

I reported a fault reported over 3 weeks ago: 994CRK201216

fault has not been repaired, Everytime I phone they say they can't give me feedback. They told me they esculated it and still no response after no response I phoned again and was told it was assigned to a new technician (for the 3rd time)


I took a day's leave to be at home because the technician said he would be on site - 10 Jan 2017.  No show.


How can I speak to a Manager to find out exactly when they are going to repair this fault, or even get the rechnicians number so I can make arrangements directly with him?


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Re: Fault reported over 3 weeks ago: 994CRK201216

Hi @Thorne, our technical centre advised that a tech did do some repair on a pillar joint but did not manage to get the line operational. They are waiting on the next available slot to dispatch a tech but there is a backlog of faults from the holiday period. Please followup via your ISP or call 10210.



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