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Fault still "in progress"

Good day, My line as well as the ADSL line has been down since 02 Aug 2016. Ref: 61CRK030816. I have called 10210 EVERY DAY, escalated this fault through email, internet and phoning. A technican was sent to my premises on the 14 Aug, where he informed us that the cable to the box outside was damaged, but as this is not his department, he could not fix it.


I have spoken to managers and I am still waiting for this fault to be fixed. I have had every excuse under the sun. This is disgraceful service. The costs to the ISP still apply, as too the additional data.


I was further insulted by receiving an sms on 19 Aug that this fault has been resolved, and i had to re-log the fault. Ref 231CRK190816.  I have contacted my ISP and they too have logged a fault.

So....... no contact whatsover from Telkom, and my line is still down. Telkom you should be ashamed. If there was an alternate telecoms company, i would move in an instant.

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Re: Fault still "in progress"

Hi There, my ref is 553CNK181116 also same fault as above its been three weeks since problem has been logged, I am a heart patient so my only means for emergencies are my landline, my husband uses the Internet for company use which has been down for three weeks, so we had to buy a modem and keep filling up data which is coming to about 1000 so far, I keep calling the call Centre with no luck they can't even give me the fault.told my daughter to send this message to you hoping for a reply soon, I am a 60 year old lady... Very sickly, I need this line to be fixed ASAP, 0314677092
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