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Hello' Hello New Friends

Hello everyone....


I thought this community was to help people and i just realised that people don't really care about phone  issues anumore they post about whatever..òķ!! If this true people i am a girl who will give all the latest newsfeed so just sit back and wait....And yes i am helping but helping with people to stop being on social networks all the time..i suggested get the lastest news on my posts .




New Contributor
Posts: 92

Re: Hello' Hello New Friends



I am Blue Ivy...(real name)


I told myself what community is without the committee and that my friends you will figure that by yourselves because i am Teenager who  is very intelligent and when i see something is wrong with community i will do whatever i can............

People might ask(Why is she doing this) ....Well!! My friends this this started with that @HelpGuru.  Then i said i am not a stalker i do not harass people and if i had to stalk someone it with never

be @HelpGuru it with be @Nasty C  the famous rapper i might be a kid and yes its true...but i am not dumb..



                            Thank u 🤗

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